connie's dream diary
i don't really believe that dreams have some kind of deep meaning, but i have some really fun dreams and some really weird ones from time to time. also there are periods of my life where i have really frequent lucid dreams for some reason (they're not usually fun tho) so i have a lot of dream-world stories.

i've enjoyed visiting cute blogs and websites since i was ~10 yo and always wanted to have my own, but unfortunately i was too young and didn't have the knowledge nor the consistency to have a cute website of my own (there wasn't much things to talk about either). actually a lot of the gifs i'm using here are gifs i've collected since those times, i had them all saved in a hard drive bc i always thought there would be a time to use them, and here i am!!!! using a bunch of them

besides visiting cute websites and collecting gifs, i really like creating stories and characters and one of my dreams is to make a comic someday. i have an OCs page if you're interested in knowing about my characters!! i'll most likely be updating with more info about their story, if you're interested. i also saw some people having a dream diary in their websites, and that's also something i would be super interested to make bc i have a really weird relationship with my dreams (i have lots of lucid dreams for some reason and i often dream in "layers". idk it's kinda weird) so expect a dream diary soon in this website hehe

remember when i said that one of my dreams is to make a comic one day. well, my biggest dream and aspiration is to be an irl magical girl. that's it

also i love tea and chocolate of all kinds

my main interests are: precure, magical girls in general, vocaloid, kagerou project, macross franchise, princess tutu, tamagotchi, naruto, hunter x hunter, ghibli, junji ito, perfume, daft punk, 70s bands,,, i like a lot of things tho so i may be forgetting something

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