connie's original characters





Hibiki Hoshizora

a 13 year old who likes fashion and sleeping in class. for various reasons she ends up becoming a magical girl in a city from another world.

Grace Asteria

the only daughter of a famous scientist and researcher. she volunteers in various non-profit groups for homeless people and also enjoys not paying attention in class.

Dennis Rosemary

he's shy and quiet and likes programming. it seems like he doesn't like people but he's just very bad at interacting with anyone other than his brother.

Alioth Leon

dennis' brother. looks like a jerk, actually being obnoxious is his coping mechanism. people get shocked when they realize he's actually pretty smart.

Moon Angelique

used to be a magical girl but for various reasons she can't do magical girl stuff right now. she appreciates art a lot and is generally very creative. also she's alioth's girlfriend.


Vincent Leon

he's kinda old and kinda scary. well, very scary. also his name is famous because of some controversial things he's said before.

Agnes (Surname)

she's nice and gentle and smells like oranges. once she starts talking there's no one who can stop her. is also a bit scary from time to time.

Lola Asteria

she looks like she'll know all your secrets just by staring at you. smells like a bunch of herbs and roses and lavender.





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